Monthly Archives: March 2007

NOT the most important meal of the day

In response to last night’s pleasure-filled 10 minutes of eating an unknown number of Oreos followed later by 2 bowls of Lucky Charms, I did not eat breakfast. That’s right. I was a non-breakfast eating bad-ass today. Suck on that, Mr. Kellogg.

I considered dieting today. I told myself all the usual¬†crap about how now I’ve done it, and it’s time to straighten myself out, you know, do things right. I don’t think that is the answer, though, considering that it was my paltry excuse for breakfast and lunch that led me to binging on cookies last night. Honestly, Oreos aren’t my favorite. They’re just alright for me.

But instead, I decided to eat when I got hungry, and get over myself.

It felt good.

I’ve spent the day reading and doing laundry, and after a brief trip to the grocery store which could have resulted in the purchasing of cake frosting in a can, microwave pizza, and Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles (why would a person eat this crap, I ask? I didn’t buy these things, by the way) I’ve enjoyed my time to myself.

Not a bad Saturday, I suppose.


Everybody needs an intro

I guess there needs to be an introduction of sorts.

This has been one hell of a year for me, and I’ve decided to take this opportunity to refocus my life.

In May of 2006 I graduated with a Master’s Degree, and my attempts at finding gratification in the field of publishing have come up empty. As a result, on April 27th, I will no longer work for a small, non-profit publishing house.

I get to spend my summer preparing to become a teacher. In August I will start teaching 7th and 8th grade history, and taking classes towards my PhD at the local university. No longer will I have to force myself to get up and face a day of marketing. Perhaps, if I’m lucky, I also might develop a healthy relationship with food AND learn to love myself.

I guess we’ll see what happens next.¬†