An enlightened mind, kind of. . .

So I just realized that my overzealous gorging on only half-satisfying chocolate (did not contain peanut butter) yesterday is because I knew, I just KNEW that I would be dieting today.


How friggin’ hard is it going to be to stop dieting? I also had a revelation that I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight for oh, let’s see, 10 months, and what I’ve actually done is consistently gained more and more weight. I started “dieting hard-core” in July of last year, just to lose 3 lbs that came out of nowhere. Now I’ve officially gained 20 lbs. My question is, if I try to whole-heartedly GAIN weight from now on, will my efforts result in a loss?

I think I’ve officially lost my marbles, and I will one day confuse finding my marbles with finding some peanut butter eggs left over from Easter, and try to eat as many as I can to replenish my brain. It’s 11:20 am, and I need a drink.


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