Oops. My mistake. . .

I am blogging today in honor of Gold Brick Eggs. (And apparently they are sold out at the Groovy Candies website.)

For a long time (as long as my petite mind can remember) I’ve equated Gold Brick Eggs with peanut butter eggs.

They’re not. Gold Brick Eggs are pecan meltaways. Oops.

Doesn’t matter. I ate about 5 of them yesterday, and I don’t even like pecans. The amount of pecans in these pecan meltaways are more like a dusting of pecan bits, not chunks, so, I could easily savor multiple treats without distressing over the pecans.

Why would I want to eat 5 of these, especially after I had 2 pieces of chocolate silk pie (it was sugar-free!!) and a Pina Colada? Is there any stopping my glutton of late? UGH.

Today I brought the rest of these friggin things to work so that my coworkers could indulge. I’ve had enough.


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