Random Morning Thoughts

Man, I did not want to wake up today. Even though I only have 17 more days of work at this dreadful place, I still did not want to get up, get dressed, and come sit in front of this damned computer, even though my monitor bears a little Toto (Dorothy’s dog, not the band) sticker and a fortune that reads, “Relax and enjoy yourself.” No kidding. If I could, I surely would (Hey, isn’t that a Simon and Garfunkel lyric?)

My plans to spend this week getting some research done has been foiled by the fact that my university is having SPRING BREAK right now. Perfect timing, jackasses. So while my husband is slinging pasta Primavera at our local Italian joint on Wednesday and Thursday night, I’ll be sitting at home wishing I had something to do.

My motivation is not up to snuff, apparently. Well, unless you count my motivation to down two glasses of wine as soon as I get home in the afternoon, and then spend the evening ranting and raving about how life “isn’t fair.”

Wait a damn minute. Isn’t this blog supposed to be uplifting and positive? My Quixotian quest for a sense of peace in this world? I should be reveling in the fact that I broke the news to my headmaster that this fall I will be taking a few courses towards my PhD, and he was absolutely thrilled and told me that the school would have no problem working around my schedule a few days a week. I was worried about their reaction to that, but in reality, I had nothing to be worried about. In fact, if anything, my past life experiences should exist as proof to me that I am resilient and all things end up working out in the end.


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