What a face

It’s amazing what difference a day makes. Yesterday you would have thought that I had one foot in the gutter, but alas, today I feel much better.

I’m looking forward to going home in 25 minutes, taking a shower, and finishing my book and moving on to the next. DH has to work tonight, so it’ll be a quiet evening at home for me. Perhaps I’ll do a little cleaning and laundry folding, for good measure.

I’m not sure if anyone reads this blog, but if you do, and you can help me, please chime in.

I’m having major issues with my face. For some reason I’m breaking out like never before–I’ve always had pretty clear skin, with only an occasional blemish. Recently, however, my face has tons of clogged pores and is quite oily. I’ve tried the regimen on Acne.org, Proactive, Acne-Free, various cleansers and scrubs, and changed my make-up. I’m at my wit’s end. Any suggestions??


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