My job is the root of all evil.

 Why is it that I’ve done so well on my “experimental” healthy-face diet since last THURSDAY, but today I’m faced with 5 more hours of work and my mind is trying to convince me that I simply CANNOT make it without binging on the cookies in the break-room? I survived free beer at a race expo on Friday; staying at my in-laws’ house all weekend, complete with junk food galore; pizza buffet (I only ate salad and fruit)? Today I’m starving, even though I’ve had my smoothie, a banana, and an apple. It’s not fair.

My office-mate also brought a bag of Dove promises, and there’s the solid chocolate bunny that my boss gave us last Thursday sitting on my shelf, begging that I consume it NOW, and in its entirety.

These things will not help me see if my face will clear up if I eat them. I’d be back to square one. Why do I want to say screw it? This is my inherent problem–at work, I can easily be coerced (by my own mind) to break every healthy eating plan I start with a binge. These binges are what’s killing my face and my waistline. So if I can realize these things, why am I even CONSIDERING doing something bad?

Maybe it’s my headache talking? My stomach? I don’t know–I just hope I can make it.


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