Where’s IE?

I don’t know what I’ve been doing for the last week, but is certainly hasn’t been Intuitive Eating. It’s been more like half-dieting, half-IE, and half-eat-whatever-in-the-hell-I-want (hey, that makes 3 halves. . . ).

To be honest, I’m tired of life in general. I think that’s understandable, though. I have such trouble making decisions and feeling like I’ve made the right decision, and this constant anxiety really wears a person out. I’ve actually been too tired to sleep, too. The last few nights have been terrible. Last night was also compounded by too many slices of pizza in my tummy. UGH. That’s not good.

And the whole decision and work that is required to do Intuitive Eating is wearing me out. I’m constantly having to analyze my hunger, and sometimes I get so frustrated that I just eat because I feel like I’m restricting myself. Then comes the guilt, which is exhausting, and then trying to analyze my guilt, then analyzing the nutritional makeup of my eat-anything diet–I can’t take it!!

This combined with the inescapable feeling of being out of place at my jobs (both current and future) is making me feel like I’m in constant panic mode. This certainly can’t be good. Hopefully, it will pass.


7 responses to “Where’s IE?

  1. If I ever trust my intuition when it comes to eating, i’d be 2 tons by now. 🙂

  2. I have been doing IE for about 10 months now. I know exactly what you mean when you say that you are exhausted by it and life in general. Sometimes it helps to take a break. I have gone through periods in which I let myself relax and not worry about IE. Then when I felt better, I eased back into it. It’s ok to do that! It’s part of being kind to yourself.

    PS – Slowdrip, eating your way up to 2 tons wouldn’t be very intuitive, would it?

  3. incessanthunger

    Slowdrip, you know, I used to think–especially after I read G.Roth’s Breaking Free From Emotional Eating–that I would surely eat myself to over 200 lbs if I ate intuitively, first because I’m always hungry, and second because I want the bad stuff.

    I’ve come to realize that the reason I binge/overeat is when I’m actually NOT eating intuitively–I’m eating cause I’m sad, bored, frustrated, angry, betrayed, scared, etc, which is I think what TreeLover is talking about. . .

    It’s still a process, and it starts over with every meal–if this is what it takes to make it to freedom, then I’ll start over at every meal. Eventually, I’ll get there.

  4. incessanthunger

    I guess I should also say that when I mean I’m eating half-IE, half dieting, and half eat whatever I want, I’m really half binging. IE is eating whatever I want, but mindfully.

  5. Hiya
    I know exactly what you mean, because my last week of IE has felt like going around in circles.
    It can be exhausting at times.
    Take care

  6. I think this frustration is part of the process, I’ve gone through it (and probably will again!) and I know from reading through the P&C forum a lot of other people have as well. Hang on in there and don’t beat yourself up too much over it, it does get better! If you can see that you’re eating because you’re “sad, bored, frustrated, angry, betrayed, scared”, then you are making progress.

  7. When I tried IE, I did it for 1.5 years, and I still had NO real idea what hunger/fullness was. only in trying something radically different have I discovered what it feels like to be hungry or to be suffering from sugar withdrawal (which feels like hunger but is not). Anyway, I really identify with your blog. I feel better than I have in years now, and I had to go through dieting, therapy, prayer, no dieting and finally treatment of my addiction to sugar through nutrition. Best to you… Lisa

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