Sunday recap

I’ve applied for 3 jobs this weekend.

I can’t workout because my skin flap hasn’t healed (see post below). I know it’s not going to heal in one day, but I’m too scared to do a lot of bending with it because it’s disgusting and I want it to close up.

I have watched a ridiculous amount of TV today, and I have a headache.

I will be glad when DH’s intersession class is over. His only free day is Sunday! It’s so hard. . .

Hope everyone is well.


4 responses to “Sunday recap

  1. I’ll be glad when this class is over too. Commuting everyday, getting up at the butt crack of dawn for school and working nights at work. It’s killing me. I really only have two hours a day to attend to personal needs and that gets taken up by eating lunch and reading before I go to work. Well, I guess I can suck it up for one more week. Man, am I ready for our vacation.

  2. incessanthunger

    I know. I really feel bad for you today–I can see how hard it is for you. Sorry you overslept!

  3. oh, you two are so cute! I love that DH comments on your blog.

  4. incessanthunger

    At first we didn’t know how to take our blogging conversations. I think we’ve decided that any outlet for communication is a good one.

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