sweet nectar

Taking care of yourself is hard work. There is so much conflicting information in the world right now that it is almost impossible for a decision-making-challenged person like myself to make a positive lifestyle change that sticks.

Anything I finally decide to do for health reasons backfires.

I think that this may have something to do with latent diet mentality. Though I thoroughly express my satisfaction with myself for eating whatever I want when I’m hungry, I wonder if I’m really eating what I want. I have been eating lots of whole grains, fruits, and veggies, which makes me feel good–plus, they’re tasty. But then when I contemplate the fact that I use conventional produce instead of organic, I obsess about the pesticides and growth hormones I’m ingesting. I really want to eat all whole foods–items without preservatives, artificial ingredients, or hormones. Right now, it’s just not possible.

My main issue is that I can’t seem to shake the artificial sweeteners. Just drinking water is like prison to me.  Of course, you must consider that my Mom practically switched me from formula to Mountain Dew at day three. By age 12 or so I was so cognizant of my own obesity that I switched to Diet Coke, while my petite mother scoffed at me “how can you drink that?” she would ask. Easy. You keep telling me I’m fat, so this is all I know to do about it–start living my life married to the word “diet”.

Today I stopped in Walgreens to get a magazine and I also picked up two packs of Wyler’s drink mixes for my boring bottled water (it’s like a cheap Crystal Light). Of course, it’s filled with chemicals. Bleh! My problem is that if I only have water and juice around to drink, I freak out about the calories in juice and drinking water is like death unless I’ve just worked out. So I have to have a little “backup” to safely allow me to drink a sweet, refreshing beverage.

WTF? All the time and energy I spend trying to wean myself off of sweeteners and then I go and purchase more. Plus I bought a 6 pack of Propel for our vacation this week (did I ever mention that DH and I are going to the mountains on Wedensday?). And I got a Coke Zero for the ride home from Walgreens.

If I really was eating/drinking what I want, I would toss the sweeteners and drink juice and water while forgetting the calories involved. I would also stop using powdered non-dairy creamer.  And I would by as much organic, whole foods as possible.

I just can’t.


7 responses to “sweet nectar

  1. hi there,
    I used to be an artificial sweetener consumer. When I was quitting (and the good news is, I never look back–you’ll feel so good NOT drinking the stuff) I often put Alacer Emergen-C in my water. They have a calorie-free sports mix that is lemon-lime and has electrolytes. It’s good. Also, Celestial Seasonings has something now too–it’s sweetened with stevia I think, which isn’t something I’d want to drink throughout the day, but could be a good transition.

    You’ll get there. It’s hard to break years of habit.


  2. I kicked articificial sweetners a while back, it was hard work! Especially once you start reading labels and you see how much stuff it is in. Did you know that fiber one has aspartane? Anyway, I also found a water that really tastes good. It is called smartwater. It is really clean and refreshing tasting. It is also enhanced with electolytes. I can’t afford to drink it all the time, but it does help me get the water down. Which I know makes me feel better. Being dehydrated sucks.

  3. Wow, I never thought of it like that. I drink diet pop all the time, I find I drink it more when I am doing IE because it gives me something to drink when I want to eat (I had quit a few times but as said I now use it as a filler). I don’t like diet pop – if I am 100% honest it makes me feel yucky and leaves a yucky taste in my mouth. If I was truly eating and drinking the IE way I wouldn’t be filling my body with that cr@p. Thank you for the eye-opener, much appreciated. I now see how I am now using diet pop as an avoider.

  4. AE, I keep forgetting about Emergen-C. It’s pretty good–a bit expensive, but good.

    Christie, I’ve never had smartwater. I just saw on the tube that Jennifer Aniston is the new face of smartwater, though. Not that this really matters. LOL!

    Glad I could help, LMM.

    I’ve been drinking juice spritzers– about a half a cup of juice with seltzer or club soda. But it’s such a pain to mix. I’m also using agave nectar in my iced tea, and fructose in my coffee. I still drink some green tea mixes that have arti in them, and I sometimes get a Coke Zero. When we eat out, I drink plain water with lemon. I guess the bottom line is that I have to face it and just quit. I have to get over the diet drinks. I bet that’s what’s making me feel “off”.

    Thanks for all the comments, guys!

  5. I love diet drinks. It would be hard for me to give them up, though I do freak sometimes about all the artificial ingredients I’m putting in my body.

    I’m in love with Coke Zero. I call it Crack Zero.

  6. I know how you mean about the organic foods, whole foods. I try to eat as organically and purely as possible, but sometimes things aren’t available or are too expensive.
    I’m artificial sweeteners’ enemy! I actively campaign against them in the bar where I work. For myself I realised they were to cause for a lot of my bloating and cut them out altogether, although my fear of sugar means I pretty much drink water and tea/coffee.
    It’s hard to know where to draw the line.

  7. Sarah, Coke Zero IS like Crack. . . you just can’t stop.

    Alicetini, I wonder if my bloating/headaches/anxiety/bouts of confusion come from Asweeteners. My doc says that it’s depression. I’m not totally convinced that the chemicals aren’t to blame.

    Kudos to everyone who is sweetner-free. You all are my hero!

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