goddamnit. I hate this! I hate being fat!

 WTF is going on??


6 responses to “ugh

  1. I’ve had exactly the same feeling this evening. Why can’t it just go away? It can be hard to keep faith sometimes, but I know deep down that this is the only chance I have to live life (relatively) free from hatred for my body and fear of food.

  2. you said TOM was coming right? I am sure that has somehting to do with it. But oh, I know this feeling. I hate this feeling. I hope it goes soon, or is already gone.


  3. I am right there with you.

  4. I’m so sick of it, y’all.


    DH and I went browsing at the mall today. WTF has happened to me, I ask as I pass by mirror after mirror. I’m out of control. I don’t know up from down! It’s so painful. This is no way to live life, is it???? UGH!

  5. Wow do I hear you right now. I hate it too and I hate that I am in the one who has made the choices that got me here…

  6. That’s the part that sucks. I KNOW I made myself this way–no one else did it to me. But I have an “F-it” attitude instead of a “fix-it” one.

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