I’m so mad at my body right now.

As I sit here, surfing the net, my stomach is growling like it didn’t get ENOUGH last night. Ridiculous. I’m trying to not eat until lunch so that maybe I can balance out last nights festival of cereal, but I KNOW that this kind of behavior usually results in a later binge.

Crap! I just can’t get it together. I don’t know what to do anymore.


2 responses to “Growl

  1. Please be good to yourself today. . . this is a new day and you don’t deserve to be punished for last night. Start over. You are so wonderful and should be treated accordingly.


  2. I don’t mean to preach at you but please remember to listen to your body, if it says it is hungry it probably knows what it is talking about. So often we get caught up in what we “should” according to rules rather than what we should do according to our body, mind and soul.
    Try not to be mad at you – be good to you.

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