Well, I’m still struggling to make heads or tails of my eating habits. I’m also trying to decide if this blog helps or hurts me. I do appreciate all of the comments and the friends that I’ve made both here and on Peaches and Cream, but sometimes I wonder if I wallow in it too much. I know that several of you have considered the same thing. . .

I got a job adjuncting at a local (60 miles away) university. I will teach one class, and it pays little, but it’s a chance to “cut my teeth,” as they say. Looks like I may be taking out more student loans and going to school full time. I’m not totally opposed to this, but I really hate taking out more money. It’s either that or take another job I hate.

What’s another few thousands of bucks when it’s for your dream, right?

DH and I are okay. We’ve had some lows recently. I only hope that we can grasp whatever we have left.

I’m on a low carb diet, too. I was eating way too much crap, and feeling like it, so I’ve had to cut out sugar. It’s sad–I miss my chocolate and cereal. Meh!


One response to “hello?

  1. hang in there. i’ll try to do the same.

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